Hello, world!

You've got this far, so obviously you're interested in what we're all about. What makes us tick.
... Why on earth we would put up with Vthnaar's improbable luck of the roll.

Well, you're not going to find any of that information on this page.

Guild Guidelines

  1. We're a family-friendly guild. Some players allow their children to watch them play. Some players teach their children to level up their fishing, only to come back 7 minutes later to find that all aspirations of fishing have been thrown right out the window and their child is checking out all the awesome mounts they've accumulated over their 12-year wow career.

  2. Do not use profanity in guild chat or voice communications. This is a loosly enforced rule but on occasion it is enforced. After all, some of those aforementioned players have gone to considerable lengths to explain to their crumb chasers that babies really do get dropped off on the doorstep by storks. Just like in the movie.

  3. We have several group chat channels in our Discord channel where private conversations can be held. Please utilize these for your animated political/religious discussions.

  4. We welcome and respect players from all walks of life. Please be kind and do not use crude, racist, sexist or homophonobic jargon or slurs in our chats. When in doubt, don't say it. If you really need to get something off your chest, whisper Kaygo.

  5. We aim for a positive and fun environment for all players to enjoy. Unless Vthnaar just got a mythic titanforged item again. In which case support groups meet every Thursday.

  6. 6. Effective as soon as it is applicable, new guild members will be welcome to join us on Farm/Non-progression raid nights. Once you've established that you're here for fun and to tend to your role, you'll be welcome when an open spot in the raid is available!

  7. We have a Raid leader, Vthnaar. He kind of just showed up one day and hasn't gone home; some say it's because Nichara feeds him, but she denies it.

    At any rate, we've found that he's pretty dedicated to it, and accepts all input regarding raid strategies for fights we may improve on. Please direct any input regarding an encounter we're currently banging our heads on to a whisper. Vth will gladly give you credit for the suggestion should it fail. We all just prefer not arguing over how the pugs do it, we're a bit unconventional and unconventional strategies tend to work for us.

  8. If at any time you get frustrated and feel the need to shout; please kindly configure a push to talk button and refrain from hitting it during those times.

Raids are supposed to be fun. For those who're into that kind of thing. They're also a huge investment of time that takes away from other things we could be doing. Oh, who are we kidding here...if we're raiding there's nothing better we could be doing, amiright?

On a serious note: Raids do require an investment of time. 3-ish hours to be exact. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays. At 7:00pm. Raids take time away from our family, and our non-guildie-friends. Please be respectful of that time. Arrive to raid at least 30min before hand with flasks, seals, foods, whatever items you need to hand a proper beat-down on all who oppose us! We understand that Life gets in the way, and ask that a simple note in our Discord channel if you're running late or going to miss a run be posted. We just like a heads up. We're now giving the "this goes double for you" eyes to Kaygo.

Be prepared and willing to /roll for blame.

This is the only time that Vth does not roll over 50.

If you have any questions regarding our Guild Guidelines, please feel free to contact an officer for further discussion: